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Letters of a love betrayed

Genre: Opera
Date of composition: 2009
Libretto by: Donald Sturrock
Language: English
Analía Torres – Soprano
Eugenio Torres – Bass
Luis Torres – Tenor
Camino Torres – Boy Treble
Gloria Cardenes – Mezzo-Soprano
Mother Superior – Mezzo-Soprano
El Chofer Loco/Priest – Bass-Baritone
José Lopez – Tenor
Instrumentation: Fl(/picc/afl) Ob(/CA/Sop.Ocarina/Alt.Ocarina) Cl(/Bcl/Micro Ocarina/Mini Ocarina/Thumb Piano) Bsn(/Cbsn) / Hn(/Thumb Piano) C.Tpt(/Thumb Piano) / Perc / Hp Gtr(/Tiplé/Thumb Piano/Crystal Glass/Cabasa) / 2Vn Va Vc Db(/Crystal Glass)
Percussion (1 player): Tubular Bells, Vibraphone (with bow), Glockenspiel, Timpani, Bass Drum, Triangle, Suspended Cymbal, Cymbals, Tam-tam, Maracas, Hi-Hat, Cabasa, Shaker (suspended), Roto-tom, 3 Tom-toms (low, medium, high), 2 Cowbells, Tambora, 3 Small Gongs (low, medium, high), Sandblocks, 4 Woodblocks, Bamboo Chimes, Glass Wind Chimes, Metal Wind Chimes
Duration: 120’00
Commissioning body: Music Theatre Wales / Royal Opera House
Premiere performance: 02/10/09: Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, UK
Premiere Director: Michael McCarthy
Premiere performers: Mary Plazas (Analia), Paul Keohone (Priest), Jonathan May (Eugenio), Arlene Rolph (Mother Superior), Christopher Steele (Luis), Erwan Hughes (Camino), Richard Edgar-Wilson (José), Michael Rafferty (Conductor), Music Theatre Wales Orchestra
Publisher: Eleanor Alberga